Aperio Guide: Casting Your Vision


You’re ready to create a major gifts program, or grow your program to the next level. But first, it’s time to get clear about how you would use the additional funding.


  1. Major donors expect it. Major donors expect that, when you approach them for big dollars, you have big goals. Yes, they want to know what they’re paying for—but they especially want to know why. Why it matters. Why you need them specifically. Why a donation will open new doors, propel new progress, and make new impact. Philanthropists are in the business of what’s next, so to engage them, your organization must be too.

  2. Your team expects it. Asking for big gifts is stretch for even career gift officers. As they cultivate donors, make asks, and steward gifts, they need to believe— confidently, in their gut—in the vision and the behind it. That means, they need leadership to be clear and aligned on the organization’s ambitious for the near and far future.

This guide provides a series of conversation topics— intended to be worked through in order—that enable nonprofit leaders to articulate their vision.

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