Changing the world is complicated. Building a philanthropy program shouldn’t be.

You have a vision for moving your mission forward. You have the plan to make it happen. Now all you need is the funding—but where to start? In today’s rapidly-evolving philanthropic landscape, even established nonprofits need to invest continually to keep their fundraising programs thriving.

Aperio simplifies the path to growth with a proven relationship-focused, mission-driven approach.

We’ve distilled proven best practices into a clear investment roadmap that takes the guesswork out of building major gifts, foundation, and corporate programs. We’ll help you create a plan for financial growth—and we’ll dive in alongside you to get it done. Together, we’ll propel your vision forward.



Core Capabilities

Lay the foundation for sustainable, reliable growth by adopting essential best practices.

Team Structure

Maximize your most valuable resource: your people.


Focus fundraiser time on the highest potential prospects.

Moves Management

Deepen relationships through donor engagement planning.

Metrics Management

Drive productivity and gain line-of-sight into program trends.

Annual Planning

Set the program and each team member up for success.


Culture of Philanthropy

Accelerate growth by involving the full organization in partnerships with philanthropists.

Leadership Team

Align around the vision, strategy, and plan for philanthropy.


Increase board members’ personal philanthropic investment.


Deepen collaboration and communication to increase impact.

Business Services

Clarify roles to enhance the donor experience.


Leverage events to create opportunities for philanthropy.


Capacity to Grow

Unleash new potential by increasing efficiency, developing assets, and building capabilities.


Attract, retain, and develop effective fundraisers.

CRM + Database

Streamline processes and reporting to improve outcomes.

Funding Opportunities

Distill your story and giving options into compelling collateral.


Enhance donors’ experience and grow giving/engagement.

Fundraiser Support

Equip fundraisers to focus on building relationships.



Why philanthropy?

Aperio specializes in philanthropy—or relationship-based partnerships with individual major donors, foundations, and companies—because it offers nonprofits unparalleled value:

  • Exceptional returns for the mission of 80-90%

  • Mission-focused partnerships that advance organizational priorities

  • Transformational impact that redefines the art of the possible—for the donor, for the organization, and for our world